Cordial & Craft WINS Cocktail Elixir Challenge

Lexie and Hank from Cordial & Craft WIN The Asheville Food and Wine Cocktail #Elixir Challenge!! We are proud to partner with Cordial & Craft on events. Need to plan a wedding, BIG birthday, office party, retirment party, graduation or non-profit gala?

Call us @MetroWines and let's get started. (828) 575-9525

The Winning Recipe: The New Carolina Gin Fizz: 

- 2 oz. Mother Earth Spirits NC Gin, wet hopped(in a French press)
- 2 oz. orange infused barley water(double the barley in the  
Alton Brown recipe and sub triple the orange peel for the lemon peel)
- 1 oz. Cline's Honey sour(1:1:1 honey syrup, lemon & lime juice)
- 1 oz. Farside Farms egg whites
- 1/2 oz. 
Mills River Creamery heavy cream
- 1/4 oz. Lexie's chamomile bitters
- 1/2 oz. supercharged seltzer

Place all ingredients except seltzer in a blender with about 3 oz. of ice, blend until "ropey". Pour into glass on top of seltzer. Garnish with orange and fresh bee pollen. Enjoy while pretending you are in a magic place that is half #Asheville and half #NewOrleans.




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